Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday - Matthew 19 - Simple Formulae

HRISTIANITY is not about formulae. Christians are believers who through fellowship with Christ have a testimony that is strong enough for others to say that there is a Christlikeness in them. Christianity is a trusting relationship with a person: Christ. However, there are times when the nature of our friendship with God can be presented usefully in terms that are almost mathematical. Matthew 19 does just this very thing concerning two very important topics. And the formulae are not complex.

The first formula presented here addresses the issue of marriage. Marriage may be very complex in action, but it couldn't be simpler in definition. Jesus laid out God's definition of marriage rather plainly in Matthew 19:4-12. Marriage involves a male and a female. Marriage is the most basic building block of human society, and the only acceptable formula is: MARRIAGE = one man + one woman joined physically and exclusively until death, with no deviation.

The other formula in this chapter is even bigger. What could be bigger than the most fundamental institution on earth, you ask? Well, try finding the formula for how to get to heaven; how to obtain eternal life. Eternal life is only available to those who are perfect. Only perfect people get to go to heaven (Matthew 19:17). The formula looks like this: repentance concerning whatever stands in the way plus choosing to follow Christ exclusively in faith = SALVATION. Isn't that simple (2 Corinthians 11:3)? 

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