Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Thursday - Matthew 12 - The Holy Trinity

LTHOUGH the holy Trinity can be found is Scripture as early as Genesis 1:1-3, we haven't expended much time or space focusing on this issue. While the word "trinity" is not even in our English Bible, the doctrine of the Trinity is so critical to a Biblical definition of God, that we would quickly (and properly) label a person a heretic if they deny it. In this chapter we should notice that Jesus was very comfortable presenting all three persons of the Trinity (Himself, the Holy Ghost and the Father) as divine (Matthew 12:8, 32 & 50). Of course, the 3 in 1 equation is a mystery, but a thing being mysterious doesn't imply impossibility.

Because Jesus was divine, when the Pharisees began to misapply the holy Sabbath, He possessed all the authority necessary to set them straight (Matthew 12:1-8). The One who invented the seventh day as a day of rest certainly did not intend to oppress mankind with that holiday.  He intended to bless us with it. And, He didn't need the proud Pharisees to help Him define and enforce His own decree either.  So, not only did He NOT hold His disciples in contempt when on a Saturday they picked grain to eat, He went on that same day and did a good work on a man who had a withered hand (Matthew 12:9-14).

Now, God is not only the God of Israel. Father, Son and Spirit are to be worshipped by all of humanity (Matthew 12:15-21). As we should know well by now, God desired to use Israel as a conduit to reveal His grace to the rest of the world. But, when He came to them, they rejected Him (John 1:11). Although they had the name & the rituals which had been given to them by the Father, they had long since lost contact with Him. So, when the Father sent His Son to reconnect with them, they didn't even recognize His character.

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