Thursday, January 30, 2020

Thursday - Matthew 22 - More on the Nature of the Kingdom

HIS chapter contains several sections. There is the parable of the wedding (vs. 1-14), a spiritual lesson from paying taxes (vs. 15-22), a lesson on the resurrection using marriage to explain it (vs. 23-34) and lastly, the priority of love and the deity of the Messiah (vs. 35-46). In each of these sections we are given additional information about the nature of Christ's kingdom. Of course, we are looking for His physical kingdom on earth. That will last for 1000 years after Armageddon. And, before that, when we all get to heaven, Jesus will be reigning there. But for some of us, Jesus is already the King (John 1:12).

Now, in verse 1-14, we are taught that our attitude toward God is everything.  The story goes like this: a king had a son.   His son was about to be married. The king invited the expected guests, but they were disinterested. When the king pressured these prospective guests, they moved from indifference to hostility. So, as the story goes, the king had them killed. Then he invited others who would not have expected an invitation. Many came. Yet, even in that, there were some who came without sincerity. That was also an unacceptably fatal mistake. And, the interpretation is easy. Jehovah has a Son. He invited the Jews to the feast, but they rejected His Son, even with hostility. God has therefore turned His attention to us very unworthy Gentiles. Yet, even in that, some among us, despite living in Christendom, also perish (vs. 14).

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