Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday - Job 28 - Fear & Wisdom

fter spending the end of the last chapter reviewing what his friends had said to him, Job delves quickly into the depths of God's infinite wisdom.  First, he uses a few mining terms evidently to infer that our God is capable of hiding the greatest of treasures very deep and out of sight.  Not just precious metals, but precious truths also (Deuteronomy 29:29).  As such, it is the omniscience of God that is on display in Job 28.  He sees all, knows all and can therefore do anything at all.

Now, in the midst of Job's commentary on the wonders of God, he asks a very important and sincere question: "Where can wisdom be found?" (Job 28:12 & 20).  He knew that experience alone would be an insufficient teacher. His friends had made some very wrong deductions and had come to some grossly false conclusions by following empirical and theoretical education exclusively. Job realized that full wisdom is not available for us as long as we remain trapped within our closed system of natural existence.

That is not to say that wisdom isn't accessible at all. Though it can't be mined, bought, taught or priced... it is as near as God is (Job 28:23), and that because He is omniscient (as well as omnipresent, omnipotent and infinite – see Job 28:24 and following). But what is the key that opens the floodgates? In a phrase, it is humility and obedience.  These are the preconditions that God requires in order to free Him up to impart the wisdom that we so need and desire (Job 28:28).

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