Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday - Job 27 - Job's Persistent Defense

his is the second of a six-chapter declamation in which Job concludes his thoughts concerning his own suffering. This section will be followed by a long opinion from a young man named Elihu who (we will discover) was a quiet observer during the interchanges between Job and his friends.

Here Job still maintains both his faith in God and his certainty that he truly didn't bring the suffering upon himself through some secret or unconfessed sins. He assured his friends that even if they stayed around to the day of his death they would still never get a false confession out of him (Job 27:5). Of course, once God joined in on this round table discussion, Job was humbled on down and could see nothing but faults in himself (Job 42:6), but then again, that would be true for any of us in an encounter with His transcendent and splendorous perfection.

Even though it does seem that the dispute was over, Job still had some things to say in bumfuzzled contradistinction to what his friends had said to him over and over. Most of all, the more he thought on their bad theology, the more he was sincerely surprised that they had taken such aloof and naive positions (Job 27:12).

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