Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday - Job 14 - Job on the Resurrection

ob was clearly a believer in the resurrection (Job 19:25-27).  In this earlier chapter (Job 14) we find clear evidence of Job's faith in this regard.  But first, Job spoke of the frailty and fragility of life... and of the finality of death. Job recognized that each person has a limited amount of time on this earth and that God alone knows each person's limit. This realization caused Job to pray for God to be merciful to him in the finite amount of time that he had. He expected that life would be hard enough without any testing prescribed by the Almighty. So, he prayed for a measure of peace in this journey.  Still, Job's hope was not in this life, but in the next (Job 14:13-15).  He even knew the timing of the resurrection... at the end of history (Job 14:12).

When reading the end of this chapter carefully, it seems that there were 2 issues which were immediately important to Job as he considered life, death and the resurrection. First, the solution for his sinfulness must have been a vital issue to him. He saw that it was essential that his sin be dealt with (Job 14:16-17). Secondly, Job was concerned about what would happen on earth while he was in the grave (Job 14:19-22).

Naturally we should see these 2 issues as important as well. In relation to my own death, it is imperative that I know for sure that my own sins have been sealed up in a bag... and we know that only Christ can do something like that for us. And, I should indeed be concerned about what events will occur after I am gone. Anything that needs to be done to influence those days, I must... you must... we must do it now.

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