Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday - Job 26 - Science & Theology According to Job


e still have a dozen chapters to plow through before we get to the great monologue in which God reveals so much of Himself to Job. But, already Job was leaning in that direction. God's creative power and omniscient splendor seems to be the thing in view in this chapter. "Hell is naked before Him." "He hangs the world on nothing." "By His spirit He has garnished the heavens." These are all perceptive statements that Job made in evident worship. Of course, he knew just enough to know that he wasn't even scratching the surface when it came to the greatness of God (Job 26:14). Oh, and one more thing... we will see just how right Job really was when we get to Job 38-41. Evidently, he found comfort and solace in reminding himself about God's greatness and power and presence. I know I do.  Do you?  Just look around and observe the evidence that is all around you – and worship your Creator!

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