Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday - Job 10 - Made to be Taken & Destroyed

fter wishing for a God-man-mediator, Job took a different angle and approach. He asked God why in the world He would make a man only to turn around and destroy him. If we use 2nd Peter 2:12 as our source, we can conclude that Job felt like he was being treated no better than he would have been if he were an animal. According to Romans 9:21-22, Job was not just a cheap vessel. But, here in Job 10, we see that Job was simply in a quandary as to why God was allowing such intense suffering to come into his life (Job 10:16 & 18). Of course, we know now more details than Job knew then about what God was doing.

So, Job asked God this question:  "Is it good unto You... that You should despise the work of Your hands?" (Job 10:3). Then he stated it boldly, "Your hands have made me and fashioned me together round about; yet You do destroy me." (Job 10:8). He was asking a question and then declaring something that has been discussed many times since then... on a much larger scale. Why did God make humanity... if He knew that we would reject Him and that most of us would perish because of it?  Why?  Such questions were anticipated by Paul (Romans 9:19-20). It's a question that is far beyond our capacity to comprehend or answer satisfactorily, yet the irony with Job's question is that it didn't even apply to him. Job wasn't created to be destroyed. He had many good days still ahead. And, he had a future with God! Job was not at all in the same category as Cain, Ham, Pharaoh or Judas.  Those men were hopeless cases.  Job was in a league with great saints like Daniel, Jeremiah, Joseph and Stephen. There was no condemnation in Job's future... just like for you and for me, that is if you are one of God's righteous children... as I am, by faith in Christ (Romans 8:1).

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