Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday - Job 19 - Friendless

hether it was entirely true or not, Job sure felt like he had lost the support of all his friends and acquaintances (Job 19:13-14, 19 & 21-22). Maybe many of them were simply prevented from coming to him for one reason or another (Job 42:11). Regardless, it seemed to him like he was utterly alone as he forged the raging waves of his river of despair. If anything, it looked to him as if the people around him were trying to slow him down and push him under (Job 19:2). His wife wouldn't kiss him anymore (Job 19:17). The neighborhood kids made fun of him (Job 19:18). He wasn't even comforted by the attention which he figured he was getting from God at that moment (Job 19:11).

In the depths of his despondency and despair, Job prayed a prayer that we know was answered affirmatively. In Job 19:23 & 24 he spoke of his desire for his story to be recorded and remembered. And, obviously, it was and is. And, aren't we glad! Nowhere in all the Scripture are finer words found than here in Job 19:25-27. Even after all that he had been through, Job's faith in God and in God's promises and character was still so incredibly strong. What an amazing example!

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