Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday - Job 17 - Bad Breath


dmittedly, our main character did not mean that he had chronic halitosis when he said in Job 17:1, "My breath is corrupt." In other words, Job wasn't actually speaking of his need for mouthwash or a toothbrush. The remainder of the verse makes it rather clear that Job was speaking of the exhaustion of his spirit. You or I might simply say that we are ready to give up; that we have no more energy to go on. Job felt so frail and was so sure of his doom that he essentially asked, "Who would risk anything on me at this point in my life? It would be foolish to gamble anything on me" (Job 17:3). Basically, Job felt like his situation was hopeless (Job 17:15). The only thing that he could identify with was death and the corruption and putrefaction which happens to the bodies of men after their decease (Job 17:14). Job was at the end of his rope.  It seems that for all of us, this is where God wants us to be.  Whether you are strong or weak, faithful or incompetent, devout or depraved, God wants all of us at the end of ourselves, which is where we find Him.

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