Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday - Job 4 - With Friends Like These...

emember, Job had 3 "friends" who came to comfort him in his tribulations. Comfort! That was their aim... but they missed (Job 16:2). Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar were the 3 contemporaries of Job who set out to help him (Job 2:11). In this chapter and the next we will read the "great wisdom and insight" of Eliphaz... NOT!  You need to know that God was not at all impressed with, and was very much "disappointed" in and expressed considerable disapproval concerning that which Job's friends had to say to him (Job 42:7). So, as we read their words, consider their source. God inspired the accuracy of the record of the words of these men... but he certainly did not endorse their positions or attitudes.

In this chapter, Eliphaz wastes no time getting to his point. He accuses Job of being guilty of some vice that brought his misery upon him. Now, while it is true enough that many times a man's secret faults earn for him public humiliation, this was not the cause with Job. We know of a certainty that it was Job's faithfulness, piety and sincerity which occasioned the attention of God and Satan. So, just the opposite of Eliphaz’s conclusions was the case.

Eliphaz had a philosophy that was weakly veiled in piety but which reeked of affluence and naivety. "Whoever perished, being innocent?" he asked foolishly (Job 4:7). Anyone who has had any measure of exposure to the reality of the harshness of life has seen many of God's creatures perish in relative innocence. Innocence is surely no guarantee that we will be granted overall that only blessings and protection will be our companions.  The reward for righteousness is great, yet the yoke can become quite heavy at times.

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