Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday - Esther 4 - A Fork in the Road

learly, Esther didn't know about the business that her husband and Haman were involved in.  She didn't know that her people were on death row. So, when she found out that her cousin was mourning publically, she tried to comfort him. But, instead of accepting her kindness, he informed her that her life and the lives of all her people were in danger.  And, he gave his opinion that her rise to the royal family was surely intended by Providence for this very circumstance.  He insisted that she go ask for mercy for the Jews.

Esther had a decision to make. She had arrived at a great fork in the road. Every person has one or more moments like this in their journey through life. She could deny her ancestry and bloodline or she could reveal it and risk her life to protect her people. Thankfully, Mordecai had a strong theological position which he could use to convince Esther to do the right thing (Esther 4:14).

Interestingly, Esther obeyed her adopted father even though she was a monarch. With fasting and humility, she laid her plans for approaching the king. She knew that her life was at risk no matter what she did, but it was immediately on the line if she dared to approach Ahasuerus without an invitation (Esther 4:11). So, essentially, she was at a point of decision where neither choice looked safe or appealing.

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