Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday - Job 7 - I Am a Burden to Myself

erhaps only a few of you have been as low as Job was. He was absolutely weary and worn. He was distraught, distressed, depressed, downhearted, despondent and in despair. He was a miserable man through and through. However, although maybe many of us haven't hit rock bottom as hard as Job did, most of us have had moments when we could honestly say, "I am a burden to myself!" (Job 7:20).
"You know... if it wasn't for me, myself and I - life would be pretty good." That's a rough attitude to carry through the day, is it not? But, that is where Job was (Job 7:3, 4 & 6, 11, 13-14).

It seems that Job even began to believe the accusations of Eliphaz. Toward the end of the chapter it is recorded that he said, "I have sinned... why do You not pardon my transgression, and take away mine iniquity?"  (Job 7:20-21).  Of course, his confession was out of desperation; not clarity.  He couldn't at that moment name a vice that he had not confessed and forsaken.  He was just shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something.  "Maybe I'm the problem after all," he wondered.

One of the things that puzzled Job greatly about his suffering was that God would allow such intense scrutiny and attention to be directed at one individual. He said, "Remember, my life is wind!" (Job 7:7 & 16).

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