Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday - Job 6 - A Big Conjunction

ob chapter 6 begins with the big conjunction: BUT! Despite Eliphaz’s didactic efforts, Job had something more to say.  Not surprisingly, he was not satisfied with the answer of Eliphaz. In fact, his immediate response to his "friend" can be summed up with the words from verse 14, "To him that is afflicted pity should be showed from his friend..." (Job 6:14).  This was what Job needed: sympathy, support, comfort, encouragement... not to be kicked and stepped on while he was down.

One of the things that Job responded with was a strong statement about the depths of his pain. He used the strongest imagery that he could possibly contrive to try to communicate to Eliphaz how badly he was hurting (Job 6:2-3). He literally felt like God was using him for target practice (Job 6:4).  Earlier he had said that he wished that he would have never even been born. This time he spoke of his desire to die.  He literally prayed that God would kill him (Job 6:8-9).

Eliphaz’s basic thesis had been that Job had to be guilty of some secret vice which was the cause of his suffering. But, Job couldn't honestly think of what it could be.  He challenged Eliphaz to examine him and to speak specifically... not generally (Job 6:24-25).  It appears that he was saying, "Eliphaz, I'm not denying that there is truth in what you have said, but what that truth has to do with me, I don't know?  How in the world does it apply to my situation? Look me in the eye and tell me something specific that I can change, if you think I am the problem.  My conscience is clear."

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