Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday - Esther 7 - The Death of Haman

aman was on the verge of experiencing Romans 6:23 first hand. Of course, the king had no clue about what was coming.  But, this was to be his third encounter with Esther in only 2 short days.  He was eager.

Ahasuerus was both bewildered and surprised when Esther began to explain to him how her life was in danger. Obviously, his anger wasn't far behind either. Several things would have caused his blood to boil at that moment. He would certainly have been upset that his wife and queen happened to be in any way threatened. He had already lost one wife and had regretted it. Also, he would have been furious with Haman for his abuse of the trust and power which had been so generously placed in his hands. But, most of all, Ahasuerus would have been intensely upset with himself. He hadn't seen this coming. He would naturally have felt embarrassed and ashamed; frustrated that he had been such a poor judge of character and that he had thereby risked the life of his beautiful young wife.

Anyway, Ahasuerus had to leave the room when Esther revealed to him that Haman was the culprit who was guilty of threatening her life. The king was absolutely enraged. But, when he returned, he found Haman entirely too close to his wife. Haman was begging for his life, but that wasn't what it looked like to the fuming king. So, when he heard that Haman had prepared gallows in his own house (intended for the hanging of Mordecai), he quickly gave the order to execute Haman on his own contraption

So, at the end of this chapter we find that the king was pacified and his anger assuaged. However, the Jews were still at risk. Esther 1:19 and Daniel 6:8, 12 & 15 all let us know that the Persians did NOT allow for the changing of their high laws. So, a creative solution would be needed to deliver Esther and the Jews from the inevitable day of destruction which was still impending. In the chapters which follow, we will read about how that worked out.

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