Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday - Esther 10 - Another Jew in Charge

hroughout history, there have been a number of Jews who rose to very high positions of power and influence in the world. Joseph was the first.  He went from teenage slave to a savior of the world in his time.  He ended up second in command only to the great pharaoh.

Moses also was incredibly influential in the world as he issued commands to another Pharaoh. Moses went from a near death experience as an infant, to being a prince in Egypt, to spending 4 decades as a shepherd in an obscure wilderness, to being the deliverer of his nation and the greatest lawmaker in all of history.

Solomon was also incredibly influential. All the kings of the world sought for his attention and influence.

Then it was Daniel. He went from being a child prince to being a eunuch in captivity, living very far from home. But, he too rose to a high place of authority. Under the Babylonian kings, Daniel became more influential than anyone else in all the royal court during his lifetime.

Here again in Esther, it is recorded that an obscure Jew rose to world prominence. At one point, Mordecai had been a captive in danger of losing his life. But after God stepped in on behalf of His people, Mordecai became as powerful as Joseph and Daniel had been (Esther 10:3). What a wonderful change God brought about for Mordecai and for His people.

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