Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday - Esther 5 - The Irony Grows

hether it was out of fear or wisdom, Esther did not reveal her mission to her husband right away. She did bravely come into his court uninvited. It was a great risk. She could have been killed. But, she wasn't. King Ahasuerus was glad to see her. He held out his scepter and was so happy to see her that he offered her anything she wanted. But, she didn't tell him; not yet. She invited him to a banquet later that day. In fact, she invited the king and his prime minister, Haman.

At that first banquet, Esther was again given an opportunity to have whatever she wanted. But, once again, she invited the 2 most powerful men in the world to a banquet... another banquet to be held the next day. This is where the irony in our story really begins to thicken. Haman began to get so excited that he could barely contain it. The queen had invited him to 2 consecutive banquets. She had invited no one else… except the king, of course. He felt great, until he started home and saw Mordecai. The very existence of that man sapped the life and energy right out of Haman's day. Haman despised him. So, while Esther planned her moment of revealing, Haman planned the death of Esther's adopted father. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a climactic realization was inevitable. There is indeed a certain poetic beauty in the prevailing force of God’s justice.

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