Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday - Judges 19 - Gruesome Realty

Some philosophers question whether evil even exists.  But, the existence of evil is not in question. It would be no more or less legitimate to examine whether trees exist. Evil is imminent. It is in our history, our neighborhoods, our bloodlines and our hearts. Sometimes in an affluent society some folks may occasionally wonder if we are all that bad. Humanism postulates that humanity is basically good and can be improved through education (among other things). But, chapters like this demonstrate for us perhaps a little TOO vividly that evil is both very real and incredibly and intensely dangerous.

Take note of a few of the sordid details of this story.  Notice that for the 3rd time in as many chapters, the author of Judges alludes to the fact that the nation had no leader during this time period. Clearly they needed one though.

Notice also the wayward ways of the nation and how their spiritual debauchery manifested itself everywhere. The Levite in question here had a concubine - that was sin. The concubine left her paramour to become a prostitute - more sin. The concubine's father was strangely happy to meet the jerk who had previously cheapened his daughter - not a wholesome or a righteous response at all. How about the 5 days that these 2 men spent eating, drinking and making merry. Such leisure might not always be wrong if it is spaced out appropriately, but if it comes to define a man's life as a habit, surely it must show that an individual (or a society) has gone astray (Ezekiel 16:49 & Luke 12:19-20).  These things are the tip of the proverbial ice burg.  Read the chapter itself for the worst of the sordid details of the rape, murder and dismemberment of the Levite’s concubine.

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