Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday - Ruth 4 - Success

Ruth 4:18-22 covers the timeline from Exodus all the way to I Samuel. It is a genealogical listing of the descendants of Judah down to king David. But, before we get to that point, we must examine the romantic efforts of Boaz.

The matter required an official agreement. Boaz wouldn't proceed to take Ruth to be his wife until it was clear that the other kinsman wouldn't or couldn't do it. Likewise, Christ came in the fullness of time after it had been fully demonstrated that the Law couldn't and wouldn't ever succeed in making Israel fruitful. No man who is a real man would be satisfied to share the love of his life with another man. So too, God is jealous over His own. And, part of the process of redemption is the elimination of other interests. This explains to me much about the apparent delays that seem to occur repeatedly in God's program. His timing is impeccably perfect.

Now, the nearer kinsman (Moses) was well interested in the land, but not in the Moabite (us). So, he refused to lift even a finger to help Ruth. Surely that was something of a great relief to Boaz. Boaz wanted to pour his love upon her. So, Boaz took one of his kinsman's shoes (which was the custom of that day) and went his way to take Ruth to be his wife.  God blessed that union and gave them a son who was taken into the arms of Naomi and grew up to be Obed, king David's paternal grandfather. If such a great result came from the simple and honorable decisions of 2 obscure individuals during the days of the Judges, what might we anticipate from the grand union between Christ and His church.

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