Saturday, December 24, 2016

Saturday - I Samuel 7 - God Thundered for Israel...

You need to make a mental note of the fact that the Ark of God was in Kirjathjearim. It would remain there until King David moved it toward (and eventually into) Jerusalem. But, there was a lot of history to be written before that day would come.

In this chapter, we find the people of God finally moving toward Him. They had not enjoyed His blessings, or the success that accompanies His blessings, in a long time. Thankfully, they had a circuit riding preacher, prophet and judge who could lead them in the way in which God was drawing them. I Samuel 7:2 tells us that the people lamented after the Lord. In response to their grief, Samuel instructed them to turn from their idols to Jehovah if they wanted to be delivered. So, they did their part. And, God did His part.

As the people were worshiping God and confessing their sins in Mizpeh, the Philistines came to them to fight against them. And, in response to their humility, and to Samuel’s prayers, God " ...thundered... upon the Philistines..." so that they were defeated on that day. It was the beginning of an era of national success in Israel.  Samuel named a stone Ebenezer or "stone of help" because God had helped them in their difficulty and had given them victory.

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