Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday - 1 Samuel 3 - The Benefit of Vision

If you compare the first 2 verses of I Samuel 3 with the last 3 verses of this same chapter, you should see that a bleak era in Israel's history was ending. God was about to do great things that He hadn't done before.   And, it all began with His Word!

The sins of Israel, of Eli and of his sons, had caused God to shut His mouth completely. Devine communication had ceased. Yet, Samuel's life and ministry marked God's open and active return to the scene. Isn't this what we need today? There was a GREAT emphasis on the Word of God. THAT is what America needs. We don't need more money, better politicians, more education, better medical care, greater technology, yadda yadda, yadda... we need to hear from God. If there is not a dominance of the mind of God over the mind of men... we are doomed. We might go out comfortable and civilized, but we will go out nonetheless. Oh! To hear a man of God stand on the national scene and declare fearlessly, "Thus saith the Lord!"

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