Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday - 1 Samuel 9 - Introducing... Saul (part 1)

It is amazing that Saul's father was a mighty man of power (I Samuel 9:1). He was from the tribe of Benjamin. Remember, Benjamin had been reduced to a mere 600 men only a few generations prior to this chapter. Regardless, Saul (of the tribe of Benjamin) was a young, tall, handsome aristocrat and was destined to be the first king of Israel. At the point in his life when we are first introduced to him, it appears that he was a decent man. He was obedient to his father and was living a simple life doing his duties. It seems like he was conscientious and considerate (I Samuel 9:5). He was even wise enough to seek out a man of God (known as a seer or a prophet) to help him with a minor dilemma he was in (I Samuel 9:6) and humble enough to take an offering with him when he went to see that man of God (I Samuel 9:7).

Now, the whole setup that we find here leads to a divinely ordered meeting between Saul and Samuel.  They ate together and talked at some length... as Samuel was used by God to prepare Saul for the surprise of his life. God was giving Israel a king, just as they had requested. And, apparently if Saul was willing to trust God, then He was willing to use him for Israel's good... despite the somewhat less than favorable circumstances that had brought the whole situation into being.  So, Samuel began grooming Saul for the throne of Israel. Samuel had been opposed to the idea, but once God gave him the task to anoint Saul... he willingly complied.

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