Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday - Ruth 2 - God is in Charge of Chance

As luck would have it, the Moabite widow named Ruth stumbled upon the very man who had an important legal responsibility toward her (Ruth 2:3). His name was Boaz. He was a wealthy Jewish farmer from Bethlehem of Judah. He was free to marry her. God knew it. Ruth did not. It was an accidental encounter as far as Ruth was concerned. But, it was providentially planned by the Almighty. With no perceivable leading from God, with no vision, with no dream, with no prophecy, with no command - Ruth ended up in exactly the right spot. Now, that doesn't mean that Ruth's faith did not play a part in this event. Her previous decision to follow Naomi from Moab to Israel was her part in the situation. But, God superintended and directed from behind the scenes to put this beautiful and romantic story into place.

In keeping with the principles of her new faith, Ruth went out as a very poor foreigner to collect leftover grain in the fields around her mother-in-law's hometown (Leviticus 19:9 & 23:22 and Deuteronomy 24:19). What she had in mind was the sustenance of her mother-in-law and herself. What God had in mind was much more glorious though. God intended to bring a very special blessing upon Ruth as a reward for her faith (compare Deuteronomy 23:3 with Matthew 1:1, 5 &16).  God orchestrated many things in getting Ruth into the Messianic bloodline. It was not coincidental (unless you are willing to admit that God is even in charge of coincidences).  But, space will not allow examination of every detail, but read Ruth carefully, looking for God’s interventions.

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