Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday - 1 Samuel 2 - Praise, Pollution & Prophecy

This chapter begins with the grateful prayer of a happy mother. Hannah, Samuel's mother, had prayed previously with deep sadness and with a heavy burden.  Now, to her credit, she did not neglect to return to God again with praise and adoration. And for sure, she was good at glorying in God. I Samuel 2:2 reads like the words of the great psalmist David.

Except for the refreshing words about Hannah and Samuel, the middle of this chapter is rather depressing. The biggest problem was Eli. He did a poor job rearing his 2 sons. They were gluttonous, violent and promiscuous. Yet, although he rebuked them, he refused to put force behind his words and even benefitted personally from their habits (I Samuel 2:29).  I Samuel 2:25 tells us that they refused to be adjusted BECAUSE God had already determined to do away them. Somewhere along the way in their rebellion, they had crossed a line that God was unwilling ignore. Only God can deliver us from wandering that far from Him!  And, He has (I Sam. 2:35-36, I Chron. 29:22, & Heb. 7:11-17).

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