Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday - Luke 17 - Suddenly

OW does one prepare for an event that is sure to come without warning? There is only one way, and that is to get ready now, and to stay ready perpetually. In Luke 11:20, we read where Jesus said that the kingdom of God had come upon His audience.  Here in Luke 17:21 the wording is a little different.   Here, it is recorded that He said that the kingdom was within His audience. For sure, the kingdom of God, as Christ presented it, was a foreign idea to the Jews of Jesus' day. It appears that all they were looking for was a descendant of David who would defeat the Romans and reestablish Israel's dominance in the region (or in the world). Clearly Jesus was primarily interested in the hearts of His people. If they would accept Him as King, willingly yielding to His authority and program, then whether they lived or died; ruled or served; won or lost, they would have the kingdom.

Attitude is the first thing to address as we are looking toward the kingdom of God. Things like humility, gratitude, worship, faith, sacrifice & watching – these are keys to the kingdom. Who can enter the presence of the King (safely) without humility? The answer is: nobody! And, how about gratitude? Gratitude should permeate the attitude of the children of the kingdom. Thankfulness is a significant expectation that is laid upon those of us who have received such kindness from our Maker (vs. 17). And, we were made to glorify God. We should fulfill our purpose (vs. 18). If Christ comes suddenly; tonight even, will He find these things in us?

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