Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday - Luke 18 - Coming to God

F course, we all know that God came to us first. He is the great initiator. If He didn't seek for us, then we could never (and would never) seek for Him. We are expected to respond to His advances. We are invited, obligated and responsible to respond positively to Him. We are supposed to come to God. If we love Him, we love Him because He first loved us. But beyond that, just how is it that we come to God? We come through Christ, that's for sure. But what should our spirit look like as we approach? Can a person come defiantly; in unbelief and cursing? Is God willing to accept a man if he has no faith and no repentance? Hardly!

So, what should our coming look like? We should come to God persistently; or at least, consistently. Pray. Always. And don't faint; these were Jesus' words. We should never give up on God. Part of faith is patience. Part of faith is continuity & continuance (vs. 8).

Humility and repentance should also characterize our approach. We should come as a child comes. Another ingredient addressed here is loyalty.  What  man  would  take  a  wife who also desired to marry 10 other men on the same day – or just 1 other man for that matter?  No!  I want all of her, or I want none of her.  This is not unreasonable. Neither is it unreasonable for God to demand sincerity and exclusivity (Isaiah 48:11). Will coming to God require sacrifice? Sure! We must let go of one thing in order to grasp the other. God is a jealous God. He is willing to share His grace with His children, but He is NOT willing to share His children with the devil.

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