Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday - Luke 20 - Authority

UTHORITY is an interesting thing. Those who relish having it are apt to misuse & abuse it. Some avoid it, & thereby miss out on great opportunities. Others accept it & bring upon themselves grave & wonderful responsibilities. From a different angle, many resist being under authority. This they do to their own destruction. All authority is distributed from God's hands. Apart from Him, there is no authority. Human governments (good &evil) are beholding to God in this regard. Parents, pastors, businessmen; anyone with authority – all owe God allegiance & gratitude for any position of influence that we possess. It is a privilege & a trust.

There has never been anyone who had as much authority as Jesus Christ. He was the Maker of all things; the eternal son of God; the manifestation of the Father. He was the son of David, the last Adam, the sinless Savior, the perfect Prophet, the rightful King, the sufficient Sacrifice, the Great High Priest, the Capitan of our salvation, the friend of sinners & the Redeemer of Israel. But His contemporaries didn't like his claims. They criticized Him & asked for His credentials (vs. 2). Knowing their evil hearts, He asked them about John's authority. He knew they wouldn't touch that one. Jesus was the source of Israel's significance. He was their true Master & Lord, yet they had only rebellion to offer to Him.

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