Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday - Luke 5 - Power to Forgive

HAT takes more strength, justice or forgiveness? I dare say that both require great strength, but forgiveness is the harder of the two. An extreme example may be the best way to illustrate this reality. If a stranger killed every member of your family and every friend too, what would be harder for you, justice or mercy; revenge or forgiveness? True forgiveness takes great strength and even greater authority.

Let's raise the bar little. If a man is a criminal, he should answer for His crimes. God has in fact authorized and deputized human governments to punish criminals. As such, there may be an instance where a government official might appropriately forgive a criminal. But by no means should governments offer total-forgiveness-for-all-criminals-at-all-times. They do not have the authority to do that.

Truly, you or I could forgive anyone for anything, if the crime is against us specifically. But I can't forgive Bob for a crime that He commits against Bill. I don't have that kind of authority. And certainly, I can't forgive a person for a sin that they commit against God alone. Yet, Jesus was a forgiver of sins; any & all sins. Publicly, He offered carte blanch forgiveness to people for all their sins, as if He were God incarnate or something - which (of course) He was; is.

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