Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Tuesday - Luke 1 - Important Babies

VERY baby is important. Every baby is unique. Every baby has an eternal soul. Unless God or someone else changes the name somewhere along the way, when a parent gives a baby a name, they have just dubbed one of God's creatures with an eternal title. Anyway, the point is that all babies are immeasurably significant and valuable. If for no other reason, this reality should show that abortion is a crime. What if Mary or Elisabeth had elected to have an abortion? It's an incredibly frustrating model to contemplate. Their children were John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Of all the great babies in history, these were the 2 greatest. Not because of their childhood, but because of their ministries in adulthood. But every adult biography is preceded by a childhood and a family. And as I just indicated, Luke 1 gives us the background of Jesus and John.

John the Baptist was a Levite, a descendant of Aaron. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, a descendant of David. Both boys had very godly parents. There is no question about this. The gospels plainly tell us about the relative piety and sincerity of these faithful people. Not that they (the parents) were perfect. John's father struggled with unbelief concerning the prophecy about John's conception and birth, (even though the news was brought to him personally by an angel).

One must rejoice in the conversion of Zacharias through his 9 months of silence. In the end, he boldly declared his belief. It was no slouchy gospel proclamation.  John was yet an infant and Christ was yet unborn, and a transparent soteriology was already being propagated. Hallelujah for these 2 babies and for their good parents. Hallelujah for the gospel which John would preach & Christ would provide!

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