Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday - Luke 14 - Wise Humility

ISDOM and humility are critically important ingredients in the life of any Christian. Yet, all too often these traits are missing. Jesus spoke of these 2 qualities, and some of His words are found here in Luke 14.

Concerning wisdom, this chapter commences with a little example of practical goodness.  Certainly, there are laws and regulations that God has established. But, in every case, these laws are based upon principles. In Luke 14:1-6 Jesus defended His "work" of Saturdays by demonstrating that it was better to do the work in order to be kind and generous than to avoid it just because of the letter of the law pointing toward rest.  The spirit of the law supersedes the letter and requires more of us. The spirit of the law requires internal goodness and practical wisdom, which is harder than mere legalism.

Concerning humility, this chapter again includes an example of practical goodness. Taking the lowest seat or the least important position in a group setting is not only natural for a humble person; it is functionally more sensible (Luke 14:7-11). Even and especially in spiritual matters, the way up is to go down.

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