Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday - Psalm 26 - A Different Tune

f the last song was David's lament and confession concerning his own guilt, this song was a celebration of his own spiritual devotion.  Maybe you think this approach is not fitting for one of God's humble children... but wait, allow me to come to his defense for a moment.

Do you ever recall winning an award or getting a particularly good report card as a child and bringing that news to your father, or perhaps to some other adult that you loved and revered? There is a strange amalgamation of motives that drive us to that kind of action, but among the many that might be pointed out, there is the noble desire to please.  Imagine the other extreme.  Imagine a child who doesn't care to bring a good report home to his parents (because perhaps he has no interest in making them proud).  Or worse yet, imagine a child who intentionally does things which he knows will hurt his own parents and make them ashamed.  Those negative images help us to see more clearly just how commendable obedience, compliance, diligence and a desire to please really are.

Here is one more portrait that might help.  Imagine a student who was formerly a flunkout who has been rehabilitated and educated.  Imagine him coming to a former professor to retake an exam that he had previously failed miserably.  If the student now knows the material and can take the exam with fitting confidence, can't it be seen that his attitude can be both humble and celebratory at the same time.

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