Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 24 - The Lord Strong & Mighty

verything and everybody rightfully belongs to God.  However, when it comes to considering all of the individual “every bodies,” it is important to note that not every person gets to enjoy God's exalted presence.  He owns us... He holds the rights to our existence, yet there are many who will ultimately not benefit from having such a powerful and benevolent owner.  Only those who seek Him benefit from His position (Psalm 24:6 & Jeremiah 29:13).

Now, the entrance of this infinitely powerful and wealthy ruler onto any scene should command our utmost respect, wouldn't you agree?  He is the King; the boss; the mightiest of all beings.  His entrance should be accompanied by fitting devotion and adoration from His subjects.

Perhaps Psalm 24 was written for the entrance of the Ark of the Covenant into the sanctuary during the days of King David.  If this is true then surely, we should look into the present and consider seriously with what piety or lack thereof professing men, women, boys and girls come to Christ today.  Let us fear and reverence Him and not treat Him with nonchalance nor with casual disinterest.  He is God!  Even if He had never done anything for us, He would be worthy of great praise and admiration from us.  But, as we saw plainly in the last 2 psalms, He has done great things for us.  Of course, there will be a day when God’s kingdom will come to earth (Revelation 11:15) and the Almighty will finally be revered as He justly deserves.

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