Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday - Psalm 13 - Daily Sorrow

n looking at the future, David was confident that God's generosity toward him would eclipse the difficulties of his life (Psalm 13:5).  God had been good to him in the past (Psalm 13:6) ...and David intended to praise Him for that... and he anticipated that God's bounty would be his again.

However, the day to day experience of David at this juncture in his life (whenever this Psalm was written) was daily sorrow.  Now, he was not just some morose bard writing out dramatic lyrics to tug at the heartstrings of some patron.  He felt forgotten.  He felt defeated.  He felt threatened.  So, to whom do we go when oppression and depression and repression are our daily entree?  To God, of course!

I once heard it said that complaining is saying anything to anybody about something concerning which they can do nothing.  If that definition is correct, then David's complaints were not complaints at all.  He was at least going to the ONE who could answer his questions and solve his problems.

This Psalm commences with several timing questions.  How long?  Forever?  Essentially, when will I get some relief?  It is a common cry from the human heart.  We don't like waiting.  We want things either now or yesterday... not later though.  We are impatient.  We are demanding & skittish.  When we are outwardly patient, we struggle greatly on the inside.  And, woe be unto whomever we are around if we are ever certain that our plight is unjust or uniquely difficult.  We can all squeal with the biggest of pigs and howl with the most vocal of coonhounds.

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