Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday - Psalm 18 - In My Distress

st Samuel 22 includes the words of this Psalm.  When we looked at that passage previously, we spent a little time meditating on who God is and what He has done for us.  David had been through some awfully hard times dealing with his father-in-law Saul.  But, through it all, God had been with him.  And, David was grateful for that.

This time through, let's focus a bit on the intensity of David's difficulties.  He had endured the opposition of real enemies (Psalm 18:3).  Sorrow and fear had become his constant companions (Psalm 18:4-5).  He knew what it meant to be hated and afflicted (Psalm 18:17).  Calamity and disaster were regular menu items for David (Psalm 18:18).  The uncertain life that accompanies walking in darkness was the life that David was accustomed to (Psalm 18:28).  He had a lot of stress and was therefore, in fact, distressed.  But, what did he do in his distress?  He looked to God for his deliverance (Psalm 18:50).  And so fittingly, most of the rest of the Psalm is devoted to extolling God.

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