Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday - Psalm 25 - Forgive & Forget

n Micah 7:18 & 19 we find that God has a sea of intentional forgetfulness.  It may seem strange or impossible for our omniscient God to blot out the memory of anything, but Micah speaks plainly about it.  According to that prophet's words concerning His people, God is able to "cast all their sins into the depths of the sea."  In Psalm 79:8 the worship leader Asaph specified that he wanted God to refrain from remembering FORMER transgressions AGAINST us.  Surely those 2 words are essential to our understanding of just how it is that God forgives and forgets our iniquities.

For us to commune with the Holy God of heaven, a miraculous exoneration must first occur.  Christ our Redeemer did the work necessary for that very purpose (see Romans 3:24 - 26).  In Psalm 25, David demonstrates the 3 essential ingredients WE need for communion with our Redeemer to flourish: contrition, dependence and humility.  He clearly recognized his need for God's direction and involvement in his future.  And, setting the tone for today's meditation, he asked God to forget the awful vices from his past (Psalm 25:7, 11 & 18).  He prayed, "Lord, remember Your mercy and forget my sins, please."  Essentially, forgive me and forget what I have done (Psalm 25:6 & 7).

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