Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday - Job 38 - There is so Much that You Don't Know

n response to all that Job and his companions had postulated, God finally steps forth onto the scene and provides Job with some much-needed perspective. Using science and nature, God proceeded to make one great point to Job. He was (and his friends were) not wise enough, old enough nor strong enough to try to play God. The list of things that they did not know was infinitely longer than the list of things that they did know. And, the list of things that they could not do, the places they had not been and the days they had not seen was gargantuan beside their meager experiences. Essentially, God was asking, "Who in the world do you guys think you are?" As if they could analyze and advise the Almighty? Of course, His point was perfect in both timing and in substance. Everything God says and does is perfect.

So, using a wide variety of observable phenomena, God begins to adjust Job's mindset. He takes Job on an imaginary journey to many very real places: the day when He created the universe, the day when He caused dry land to appear, the day when He started the earth to spinning and the day when He made the sun to shine on this planet for the first time. God described in interrogative form the bottom of the oceans, the experience of death, the circumference of the globe, the nature of light, the intricacies of precipitation, the pattern of lightning, the life cycle in untamed wildernesses, the mysteries of astronomy, the incredible power of the human mind and the fragility of the food chain.

But, of all of the questions God posed to Job in this chapter, my favorite one is found in Job 38:37 where God asks Job if he could even count the clouds. That question swells to an insurmountable and ridiculous proposition... for us. But, not for God.

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