Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday - Psalm 4 - When God Smiles

n this Psalm David speaks of the gracious goodness and kindness of God upon His children.  In verse 1 he speaks of how God helped him to find some room to breathe when he was in distress.  In verse 3 David speaks of how comforting it is to know that one belongs to God.  Then he adds more about the things that only God can permanently provide for the hungry human heart: gladness, peace, rest and safety.  These are things which we all crave.  But, we aren't supposed to seek after those things; we are supposed to seek after God... those good things are secondary byproducts and blessings of the great find, which is God Himself (Genesis 15:1 & Matthew 6:33).

When David reflected upon the goodness and marvelous generosity of God, he had to ask: "When will men see the light?  When will men turn from empty things and lies to the God of heaven?"  (Psalm 4:2 & 4).  Truly, good things come ONLY from the Lord (James 1:17).

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