Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday - Job 42 - Restoration

ho exactly was God rebuking in Job 38:2. Was it Elihu who spoke words without knowledge? Was it Job's friends, or Job?  Really it was all of them, but who was God rebuking directly? Obviously, according to Job 42:3, Job considered himself to be the culprit. What wonderful humility the majesty of God produced in this man of God (Job 42:2, 5-6).  And so, the thing that God had set out to accomplish had been accomplished. Satan had been proved wrong about Job. Job had been proved sincere in his love for God. And, the wisdom and worthiness of God had once again been reiterated.

Now, although the pressure of the religious drama had ended, the actions and results of the drama continued on. God soundly rebuked Job's 3 old friends for their errors in judgment and speech. They were to make sacrifices before the Lord and to ask Job to pray for them. This same man whom they had accused of unmentionable secret sins was to be their intercessor and priest.

Notice Job's end though. First, God commended Job's words (Job 42:7). He helped Job get his eyes off of himself and onto God and others (Job 42:8). As he prayed for his friends, God accepted Job (don't lose sight of the significance of that - see Job 42:9-10). And God restored to Job as much as he had possessed before... and then added that much again. In every category, Job's success and prosperity was multiplied. Job 42:15-17 closes Job's biography with him smiling from ear to ear, blessed and extravagantly loved by God.

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