Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday - Job 41 - A Great Dragon

fter reading Job 41, all of us who are Bible believers must conclude that dragons were not just mythological creatures. This chapter gives many descriptive details about a creature that was known in Job's time; perhaps it is extinct today. It was some kind of amphibious sea dragon that had impregnable might in its habitat. Some speculate that this was a plesiosaurus, a crocodile or an ancient snake of some kind... but there is much about its description that those simple guesses just will not satisfy.

Consider this beast, Leviathan. He couldn't be caught with bait and a hook. He couldn't be tamed. He couldn't be eaten and there was no market for his parts. His hide was impenetrable. Just his presence was fearsome. He had powerful jaws, ferocious teeth, scaly armor, bioluminescent eyes and chemically combustive breath... wow! He had powerful muscles and fearless instincts. If Behemoth was king of the land (see Job 40) then Leviathan was certainly king of the sea.

But, tucked neatly away in this closing argument from God is a comparison between the creature (Leviathan) and the Creator... that is, the God who made him. After being very complementary about the animal, He ends this section by challenging Job to consider what his human limitations would be in a confrontation with Leviathan... much more in a confrontation with God (Job 41:10-11).

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