Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday - Psalm 2 - The King of Kings

lthough there are many similarities in all of these old Hebrew songs, in many ways each one can stand alone as well.  There can be major swings and shifts in theme, focus and attitude from one Psalm to the next.  But Psalm 1 does lead naturally into Psalm 2.  Psalm 1 was about the blessedness of the saints and the inevitably dismal demise of the wicked.  So, with that reminder fresh in our memory, we read the Psalmist's question, "Why do the heathen rage?"  They think they can stand up against God and succeed? Not gonna' happen!

There are distinct prophetic, messianic and soteriological intonations in this Psalm.  Verses 1-3 could apply generally to the world's philosophy throughout the ages, or there are several specific and significant occasions where it applies precisely.  At either the first or the second (especially the second) advent of Christ, it can be seen that the powers of Babel's domain connive, collaborate and conspire against God and against His Son.

When will the anointed one (the Son of God) break the heathen with a rod of iron? He will do it on the great and final day when He comes to set all things in order.  We will rule and reign with Him on that day and for 1000 years thereafter.  The same God who now gladly hears and answers cries for mercy will then only shake His head and laugh in mocking disregard at the calamity of the condemned (Psalm 2:4).  He will receive glory, but no pleasure, in the destruction of His enemies... but most significantly, He will act in anger with justice; no longer in love with mercy (Psalm 2:5 & 12).  So, wise up!  Heed instruction!  Serve God!  Fear God!  Kiss the Son!  Trust in Him (Psalm 2:10-12)!  He is the King of kings, worthy of both worship and fear.

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