Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday - Job 39 - Theological Zoology

bviously, God expects us to learn about His power and ways by looking at creation. Nature is one of the slates upon which God continually etches revelations about Himself. In this chapter we read that God took Job through a zoo (so to speak) and gave him a pop quiz on the animal kingdom. He showed Job wild goats, deer, wild donkeys, unicorns (rhinoceros perhaps?), peacocks, an ostrich, a horse, a hawk, an eagle... and He even pointed out a grasshopper, for contrast. But this hike wasn't for entertainment or distraction. God questioned Job specifically about His knowledge of Zoology and about what power he (Job) might have to make or care for all of these animals and more. But, don't focus on the animals so much; focus on the God who made them.

Notice the questions God was asking Job: Do you know? Can you predict? Can you count things before they exist? Who did this? Can you tame? Can you control? Could you guide? Did you give? Could you teach? Do you have power over? In every case Job had to bow lower and lower admitting that all of these things were beyond him... beyond his power to understand; to examine; to do. And again, just as with the weather and such in part one of God's speech, here Job had to be humbled as he had his perspective adjusted in a major way.

So, while we all justly admire Job and his patience and piety, let us reserve our deepest admiration for the One who made Job, tried Job and protected Job. The great one is God. Perhaps the book could have been called "God" ... instead of "Job" ... in a way such a title would have been much more accurate.

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