Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday - 1 Samuel 20 - A Family Feud & A Fast Friendship

Proverbs 27:10 has some interesting advice concerning how we interact with family members and with friends. This chapter is an illustration of how the wise principles are applied.  Jonathan and his father were not getting along so well. But, Jonathan and David were closer than ever to one another. It was a confusing hodgepodge of loyalty conflicts. Yet, God was at work accomplishing His purposes in the situation.

Essentially David wasn't sure if he was in the king’s good graces, or if he was in his crosshairs. He feared that the latter was the case. So, he and Jonathan devised a little test intended to discover Saul's intentions. And, at the risk of losing his own life, Jonathan did find out what they wanted to know. When David failed to show up for supper at the kings table and Jonathan made an excuse for him, the king became so infuriated that he threw his javelin at his own son.  Understandably, Jonathan was then even more irate than his father and so he went out and warned David to get out of town.

The interchanges between David and Jonathan in the fields (as they planned the test for Saul and then as they parted ways) are among the most precious scenes in the Bible. Here were 2 godly men willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. David asked Jonathan to kill him if he was guilty of any crime against his father. Jonathan gladly agreed to protect David but also asked David to promise to be kind to his family even after his (Jonathan's) death. David readily agreed and (as we will discover later) was very serious about that agreement. 

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