Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday - 1 Samuel 26 - Saul & David in the Wilderness

Whoever the Ziphites were, they sure were a pain in David's neck. For the second time, we read that they went and told King Saul where David was hiding (I Samuel 23:19 & 26:1). And, much like David had done when Saul had wandered into the cave he was hiding in, David found Saul in a helpless situation. At the first encounter, he took part of Saul's robe. This time he took his spear and his canteen.

As Saul and his 3000 men lay sleeping, David snuck right into their camp with his nephew Abishai. Abishai wanted very much to kill Saul (I Samuel 26:8), but David wouldn't let him do it. So, they borrowed Saul’s spear and canteen and went on through the campsite. Then David shouted to awake Abner and Saul. He did all of this evidently to prove that they had no justification for chasing him. He was showing his restraint in that he obviously could have killed the king, and yet he hadn't done it. So, once again Saul apologized to David and commended him for his character. As it turned out, this was the last encounter between the 2 men (I Samuel 27:4).

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