Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday - 1 Samuel 24 - Saul & David in a Cave

This section of Scripture speaks volumes about the humble heart of David.  As David was hiding from King Saul, who should come sauntering into the cave he was hiding in, but Saul himself.  You could say that this was a test for David.  And, he passed it!  His men urged him to kill his enemy, but he refused.   He took a souvenir from Saul's robe, but he didn't take the opportunity to end his conflict with Saul by taking the king’s life.

After Saul had exited the cave, David felt guilty for even taking a portion of the king's robe, so he followed him out and spoke to him. For the moment Saul relented and reciprocated peacefully in conversation with David, even confessing that he knew that David would someday be the king (I Samuel 24:20). In fact, he admitted that David would make a good king. And, due to David's humility (I Samuel 24:14) and to Saul's realization of how David had spared his life, the 2 men made a covenant together that day. Of course, whether the covenant accomplished anything or not (in the long run) is rather debatable.

David speaks depreciatingly about himself this chapter. He asks Saul why he is wasting his time chasing an irrelevant nobody. David called himself a dead dog... a flea; a person of no consequence in relation to the security of the throne and of the kingdom. 

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