Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday - 1 Samuel 22 - The Death of 85 Holy Men

Although David did eventually find a hiding place far away from civilization and from Saul, his troubles were not past. His family (and many others who were dissatisfied with King Saul) joined him in the wilderness. Yet, he had to move from there because Saul was after him. The prophet Gad warned David of impending danger so that he could escape. Sadly, there were some folk who did not escape from the sword of Saul.

While David fled for his life, Saul complained to his own men about their disloyalty to him. In that setting the wicked opportunist Doeg tattled on the priests who had assisted David in ignorance. Not only did he tell on them, he obeyed Saul's command to kill 85 priests as well as all their families. Only one escaped and he went to David to tell him what had happened. This added to the troubles of David's heart because he blamed himself for the death of the priestly family.

Isn't it interesting that David was the chosen king of Israel, but he was not yet put into power? And frankly, it didn't seem like God was in any hurry to get it done either. Perhaps God has set you aside for some great task. The calling may be clear to you and yet the pieces of the puzzle seem to be getting more scattered rather than them falling into place. Remain faithful to Him. He who has begun a good work in you will perform it! Surely God must never feel rushed. He knows exactly what's happening today as well as all that is yet to transpire. His way is perfect.

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