Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday - 1 Samuel 23 - Running for His Life

David and his men were running here and there and everywhere. They were running for their lives. Yet, in his flights David was still accomplishing great things. At the beginning of this chapter we even find David fighting Philistines; defending the people over whom someday he would rule. He didn't have the office yet, but he surely felt the responsibility. And, not only did David accept the responsibility to protect his people, but he had God's blessings and protection in doing it. He had God's presence. He inquired after God and sought for His protection and guidance... and he obtained it. King Saul couldn't get any direction from heaven at all, but his son-in-law David surely did.

But, while David was seeking after God (and after a little safety too), King Saul came seeking for him.  Still Saul was trying to kill him. And, from a human perspective he came very close to killing him.  The devil surely had it in for David. The Jews of Keilah (the same ones who had been protected and defended by David) were willing to give him up, but God warned David of their ill will.  Saul then received intelligence information from the Ziphites (who willingly tattled on David), and in that chase Saul came so close to David that they were on the opposite sides of the same mountain.

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