Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday - 1 Samuel 14 - Jonathan

In I Samuel 14:1-23 we find an account of a great victory which God accomplished through Saul's son, Jonathan. With great courage Jonathan struck out on his own to fight with the Philistines. Well, with his young armor-bearer in tow, Jonathan fought and killed about 20 Philistines. Then, God used that small accomplishment to stir up a great amount of fear and confusion in the minds of the Philistines so that they fled from the scene in mass and ended up turning on each other, even resorting to killing one another. Not only that, but there were Hebrews who also joined in the fray and slew many Philistines, once the momentum had shifted in favor of the Jews.

However, while Prince Jonathan was out pursuing wholesome military accomplishments, King Saul was away from the battlefront interfering with progress. On that great day of victory Saul caused distress and strife among his soldiers by forbidding anyone to eat anything until the battle was over. Consequently, they ended up very weak indeed and even resorted to eating raw, bloody flesh. Not only that, Jonathan had not heard his father's injunction and so he ended up violating his father's commandment ignorantly by eating a little honey.

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