Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesday - Ephesians 2 - Quickened


HERE we are again in another chapter with a gigantic message. It is a chapter which speaks for itself, yet it deserves volumes to be written from it. Ephesians 2 is an analytical dissection of what happened to us at the point of our salvation. Perhaps Paul sails higher here than at any other point in all his writings.

In the 1st chapter of Ephesians we saw again that God is the originator of our salvation. Here we realize why it had to be that way. We were dead. Dead men don't do anything. Dead men tell no tales, & certainly don't act in them. Spiritually, we had no abilities & no potential.  But, like Christ did with Lazarus physically, He has raised us up spiritually to walk in newness of life (vs. 1). Death has died & life has been revived in us. We have been quickened.  We have been made alive by the power of the life of Christ (vs. 5). At one time we were spiritual zombies, if you please. We were the walking dead (vs. 2). We were as doomed as the devil himself (vs. 3). But God intervened! God's mercy, love, grace, & kindness has accomplished unimaginable good in us. We are seated "together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (vs. 6). What a gift!

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