Saturday, August 22, 2020

Friday - Galatians 6 - The Burdens of Being Free



T has been said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Well, when it comes to our freedom in Christ, the price has been paid in full. However, there are considerable responsibilities, which come along with the freedom we enjoy. One of the responsibilities that we encounter concerns how we respond to our spiritual siblings when they fall into some habit of sin. Freedom demands humility from those who are free. Remembering our own bondage and knowing how gracious God has been (and is being) toward us, we are called to be gentle and helpful in our actions toward other Christians. We have been freed from our burdens in part so that we can help others with theirs (vs. 2), not so we can flaunt our position or imagine that we are superior (vs. 3).


Notice that even within the program of God's grace, the principle of sowing and reaping is still in place (vs. 7). Living in the strength of the flesh and under the letter of the old law produced a certain kind of fruit – namely, death. Now, living under the benevolent influence of the Spirit also produces a specific variety of fruit (vs. 8-9). So, we ourselves – having been delivered from the muck and mire of sin – it behooves us all to turn back mercifully in order to give a  hand  to  others. Others teeter precariously on the edge of the slime pits of sin and debt. Our believing brothers and sisters always need our help and encouragement. We must be spiritual (vs. 1) so that we can help others who need spiritual help (vs. 10). This is our calling; our privilege; our blessed opportunity. We are the recipients of God's grace. The story of the cross is our story.  We should never be ashamed of the cross of Christ. We should carry it high and invite all others to bathe in the glow of its light.

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