Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday - Ephesians 5 - Holiness (part 1)



VER since we started studying the book of Romans, we have repeatedly addressed the issue of Christian liberty & the freedom that we have in Christ. At some point, it is certainly appropriate to state emphatically that liberty & holiness are not opposing conditions. There is nothing inconsistent to be found in the same preacher proclaiming liberty AND holiness. Remembering that practical holiness comes NOT by any rigid obedience to an inanimate list of rules (but only through submission to the living Spirit) there is still a place for a detailed description of what kinds of things the Spirit promotes (or suppresses) in us. We know that the unfeeling nature of the holy Law can only produce guilt, pain, & death in us. We also know that the comfort of the Spirit of Christ can produce genuine faith & love in us. It is these qualities that bring about what God describes as holiness in us. Our fellowmen then see piety, humility, morality, good character, & compassion


As we follow God; as we listen & learn from our Father (vs. 1). The first trait that should show up in us is familial love (vs. 2). That's no surprise. Brotherly love is promoted in every context & in every dispensation. Beyond that (& as an application of that) sexual sins & covetousness are condemned as unbecoming behavior in a saint (vs. 3). Paul also addresses our speech. Followers of Christ should be speaking gracious words of gratitude.


There’s more, but that’s enough to keep us busy for now.  But remember, this is what God works in us, not what we work for Him.  There is a big difference.  One is humble faith in what God can do through me.  The other is proud effort & is an offense to God.

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